Please fill out our submissions form to submit to Marilyn's Agency for talent representation. Marilyn's will only respond to the submissions of our choosing. If we are interested in meeting with you, you will hear back from us.

No Experience?
If you are interested in acting or voice over work and have little or no experience, it is strongly suggested you receive formal training before attempting to submit to the agency and invest in headshots. The TV/Film industry is highly competitive and unfortunately without training and some experience it is difficult to secure representation. However, there are some with a raw talent, natural ability and/or a distinct look that gives them an edge over their lack of experience. Follow submission process below to be seen.
Special note for children submissions:
If you would like your child to be considered for representation, please submit current candid snapshots. We receive a large quantity of child submissions daily and unfortunately cannot respond to each one. In the event we are interested, you will receive a response within two weeks. Please do not submit your child if they are currently wearing or will soon to be wearing braces. Feel free to submit once the braces are off.
What division are you applying for?
Personal Information
Height Requirements for Print Division:
Men: 5' 10" – 6' 2"
Women: 5' 8" – 5' 11"
Women Plus: 5' 9" – 5' 11", size 10 – 14
Petite Women: 5' 7" – 5' 7½"
Photos / Materials

Please submit at least two shots from the list below. Limit make-up. No nude photographs accepted. Shoot candid shots in front of a blank wall so we can see you clearly with good lighting. (JPG or PNG files only)

  1. Straight-on headshot, smiling
  2. Straight-on headshot, not smiling
  3. Full-length, bathing suit / underwear
    (adults only!)
  4. Full-length, clothed
  5. 3/4-length


Example photos for women


Example photos for men

Please submit at least two recent photos:

Please submit your résumé and/or experience, if any. (Word document or PDF)

Reel / Voiceover / Clips

If you have no professional materials, send in a current scene read or VO example. No monologues please. You can find scenes online or write your own. We want to see you acting a scene out. Feel free to submit links from sample videos you post on YouTube, Dropbox, or from your personal website.