Taping Service

Marilyn’s Agency is excited to announce our new taping service for self-taped auditions. Casting Directors review hundreds of auditions each day so submitting a tape with quality sound, light and video is of the utmost importance.

Your appointment will include:

  • Taping your audition and slate as required per the project’s instructions
  • A reader
  • Editing, labeling and uploading tape files to you via WeTransfer

Questions? Call Olivia Gough at (336) 467-7009

Taping Rates

30 Minute Taping Session: $25.50
If appointment time exceeds 35 minutes in length, you will be charged for the full hour time slot before your audition will be uploaded or emailed to you.
60 Minute Taping Session: $55.50

Note: The option to go over your scheduled time slot is not guaranteed and is only an option when the following time slot is not already filled.

Please be aware of how many scenes you have, prep time you will need etc. and schedule accordingly!

Taping Appointment Checklist

Please arrive 10 minutes before your taping session!

What to Wear

Please be aware that our backdrop is DARK GREY when selecting your wardrobe choice/s. While you won’t be in costume, dress the part. A business person would dress differently than an athlete. Please bring a couple different clothing options, just in case (and in these crazy times, don’t forget your mask!).

What to Bring
  • 2 printed copies of your sides, one for yourself and one for the reader
  • Additional materials, including: taping, slate, labelling, and submission note instructions, etc.
  • Printed copies of NDAs for you and the reader (if applicable)

Note: There is a $5 charge if the studio has to make a copy of your material.

Schedule a Session

Your scheduled taping session must be a minimum of 3 hours before your tape is due.

Book a 30 Minute Session

Book a 60 Minute Session

COVID-19 Protocol
Marilyn’s Agency is following strict guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety during these unusual times. You will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival. Please click here to read the waiver.
Cancellation Policy
Marilyn’s Agency has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, your payment will not be refunded.